Using Bit with a custom TypeScript Compiler

I’m using a compiler for TypeScript called roblox-ts that pretty much compiles TypeScript into Roblox-flavored Lua. Along with roblox-ts, I’m using rbx-roact which is like React for Roblox. I want to use Bit to better manage my different modules that I use for my projects. Will Bit still work for my Roact components (just without the preview) and for other modules?

That sounds like a great use case. Technically it’s possible to write an extension which allows you to compile bit components with the roblox-ts, we call these extensions environments, and have a few of those implemented here. The documentation also has a section describing how to implement an extension with the current API.

The main issue right now is that we are going to change our extension system in a fundamental way. It will be backward compatible, but current API design can be a lot better, and cover many other use cases.