Pull request for components?


We’re looking into incorporating Bit into our workflow. To do that I need to understand if it possible to issue a pull request and suggest a new version of a component? something similar to how git handles it.

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We are still defining and implementing a PR process for Bit.

Internally we have developed the following method:

We use Bit’s ability to source components to a project, commit the change there, and issue the change as a pull request in the project that requires the modification and we use Git’s PR mechanism for code review, and if it passes, the CI will tag and export a new version.

I just started delving into Bit.dev today. Really awesome, I came up with and built a similar but much lighter system (internal for an organisation) back in 2010.

The above question is my first and main concern. I want pull request capability in a frictionless way while using Bit. So, please could you tell me-
Where is this on the roadmap?
Is there an example / tutorial of how you do it yourselves currently?
Can I help?


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would definitely start using Bit in my organization if PR’s were a thing and were frictionless! keep us updated :slight_smile:

Could you submit a more detailed steps report on how do you guys do that? I believe that this is a functionality that a lot of people are waiting for…

You guys rock! but I have to make sure that nothing goes to prod without approval on my organisation…
Thanks in advance!