JSDoc example fails to render in overview

I have a very simple react component here and it seems to build properly. However the example that I specified in JSDoc format does not render properly in bitsrc overview for the component: https://bitsrc.io/jdsema4/sema4react/components/button

Not sure what I might be missing?

Hi, i’m not sure if anything changed since you posted this issue, but it seems that you have overcome the rendering issues you had. I see that the button renders correctly.

what was the issue, and how did you overcome it?

Hi, Itay, thank you for taking a look. I tried to play around and did an ugly workaround with putting the imports inside the JSDoc example block… I had restored it to where I had the problem now, please take another look here: https://bitsrc.io/jdsema4/sema4react/components/button Thanks!

Thanks, @itay for responding to my issue on the chat. It turned out that I can just update my example with the proper imports right there in the playground so after I did that it’s working as intended.

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