How to export a sub-set of components?

Hi there, fairly new to bit. Have a question on setting up your components for export.
I have a component library with a directory structure like src -> components, icons, utils, mixins. I set up tracking on all four of these sub folders with bit add src/sub-dir-name/*. I don’t want to export all of the files in these directories as components to bit. Just the ones in src/components and src/icons. The other directories are just dependencies for the library. How do i do this? Thanks in advance.

More color on this. I ran bit export collection-name and it exported all the files as expected. I then installed a Button component in another repo. It installed both the Button component and the Util that it relied on inside the node_modules folder. In addition, inside the Button directory another copy of the same Util was already packaged up with the component. How can I set up my file tracking strategy to avoid this?