Compatible tools

I currently plan to use tools like: Bit, Storybook, Styleguidist, Next (for React, I don’t know if it can be used for React Native), React Native, React. I also will need to use either Typescript or Flow. What of these tools will go better or worse with Bit?
What I reckoned so far is:
Typescript: you still have some problems with it but I can configure it to work
Flow: ???
React Native: ???
React: :+1:
Storybook: :+1:
Styleguidist: :+1:
Next: :+1:
Could you shed some light on Bit’s compatibility with ???s and let me know if any of :+1:s aren’t as compatible/easy to use with Bit as I think they would be? Thank you!

copying my comment from gitter:

Flow - works just fine. There are Bit compiler-extensions that will handle it perfectly.
you can find it, along with many other here - note that an extension has a base config it comes bundled with. You can modify it to your needs as shown here Can I modify a build/test environments?
In a few weeks, we’ll finally release Bit’s new Extension API that will allow passing configuration to the env.
React-native - everything works well. The only gotcha is that we are still unable to run tests written in Jest for React Native on the cloud.
by the way, if you are using storybook, you can track a component’s stories as test files, and thus have them synced alongside the components, so you can maintain them as well
we do have a discourse forum, but I have noticed that most devs rather the chat approach of gitter.
as for Slack channel, we might take this route. but not in the near future.