Cannot Connect to BitSrc


I’ve been trying to export to bitsrc by “bit export peace8512.collect” but I keep getting below error. I enter my password ocmbination once this code runs I don’t use SSH.

$ bit export peace8512.collect
username: peace8512
authentication failed. see troubleshooting at

The following strategies were failed
[-] failed to authenticate with user token. generate a new token by running bit logout && bit login. due to an error “connect ECONNREFUSED”
[-] unable to get SSH keys from ssh-agent to. perhaps service is down or disabled.
[-] SSH key not found in ~/.ssh/id_rsa or ssh_key_file config in bit config either not configured or refers to wrong path.
[-] unable to connect using provided username and password combination. due to an error “connect ECONNREFUSED”

run ‘bit doctor’ to get detailed workspace diagnosis and issue resolution.

and I run bit doctor and it shows everything is passed.

Hi, it seems like a connectivity issue. Perhaps you have a local firewall preventing you from connecting to on port 22.

Please follow the steps here: