Bit with create-react-app and typescript

I am new to Bit, so I started with creating bit components from a create-react-app and it worked great. But then I tried with create-react-app with typescript. But I am having a lot of problems
I tried Typescript compiler in bit.json instead of react compiler like this:
“env”: {
“compiler”: “bit.envs/compilers/typescript@0.0.5”

This works and I am able to export my Bit components to my collection and they work there on the playground. But when I try to install this bit component in another project(also creat-react-app and typescript), using Bit import command, it simply downloads typescipt files! and I am not able to use it! No .js files or .d.ts files are generated.

What am I missing? What will be in bit.json of both projects? Is it possible to give 2 compilers, both react and typescript? If not how else I can make it work?

Thanks in advance.

You’ll need to setup a bit environment for your project, so it’ll compile the source files to a dist.

There’s a TS env here