Bit keeps prompting me that I have 'deleted components' every time I run 'bit status'

Hi, I have deleted a component, but now whenever I run bit status I see a list of all my components including the deleted components. How can I remove it from there?

Hi, I assume that by saying ‘I have deleted a component’ you mean that you deleted all files that were tracked by Bit, rather than used the bit remove command.
In this case, the bit status command is unable to find the component files in your workspace. Bit then assumes that you want to delete the component completely, and will suggest you to use the bit remove to delete all related data-objects from the Scope.

I hope this helps

oh, I see.

So why would Bit prompt me to delete it manually, and not delete it for me? (from the scope, that is).

wouldn’t it be better?

To elaborate on the previous comment - deleted components mean that there are objects in the components local Scope that no longer have files in the workspace. Bit does not know how to resolve it by itself, so it asks you to take an action (delete the objects from the local Scope).