Bit import error create-react-app from local node_modules folder

When I bit import a component I get this error

./src/components/table/node_modules/react/cjs/react.development.js  Line 606:  Definition for rule 'react-internal/warning-and-invariant-args' was not found  react-internal/warning-and-invariant-args

This is even happening when I follow along with this tutorial:

There is no error importing from npm or yarn or after doing a bit eject. The only way to stop the error is to delete the local node_modules folder, but obviously that’s not going to work for long. Is there a config step I’m missing? Thanks.

Update: It seems like I didn’t have the environment setup.

package.json that wasn’t working looked like this:
“bit”: {
“env”: {},
“componentsDefaultDirectory”: “components/{name}”,
“packageManager”: “npm”

This is the package.json where it is working looks like this.

Maybe this will help someone.