Bit across MicroServices

Hi Everyone

Brand new to bit here but super excited for using it. I have six microservices, mostly all NodeJs, and I want to use Bit to share some of the helpers and other small components across them, which I have managed to do so far. However, I have a burning question.

I initialised bit and captured components in the first service, but I am working on service four and find I want to update one of the shared components. I now have to go back and load up service one edit it. Would it be worthwhile then to create a new Git repo with my shared components in that are managed by bit and install them in the services or am I missing a feature of bit where I can update them across projects?

Thanks in Advance


You can update the component in any repo. Just use bit import <component name>. Then edit the source code from your project. Then run bit tag and bit export <collection name> to publish the new version.

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